Sri. Ch. Malla Reddy (Founder Chairman, MRGI)

India is emerging out to be global leader in information technology, Pharmaceutical technology and Biotechnology. Quality of medicines manufactured in India is proven to be of world class standard and many Indian Pharmaceutical companies have taken a lead to capture world pharmaceutical Market. To capture world pharmaceutical market we need world class competent pharmacist in the area of Manufacturing, Research and Development, Quality Assurance, Marketing and Pharmacy Practice. Malla Reddy Pharmacy College was established with the main intention to bring out quality Pharmacists who would contribute towards Healthy India. Here we encourage students to involve in innovative research works and a holistic learning process. We are very much happy that Malla Reddy Pharmacy College is committed to provide efficient infrastructure, laboratories, equipment and to develop the students as competent pharmacist and highly qualified dedicated professionally in the future. We are continuously working to improvise the concept of Pharma education in today global era with an aim to serve humanity better.

Sri. Ch. Mahender Reddy(Secretary, MRGI)

Through the recent achievements of our students nationally and internationally, we are sure our students would leave positive impressions on the globe enabling the values of the college to reach far and wide. I wish each of our graduating students a very enriching and a fruitful future that would help them climb up the ladder of success with ease.

Dr. Ch. Bhadra Reddy(Treasurer, MRGI)

I have complete faith in the overall training and the developmental activities that have presently been initiated in our college. These quality programs have opened many doors and avenues for our students to excel and emerge in flying colours. I wish each and every student and Faculty member of our college to work till Excellence is reached .Warm wishes to all for a very rewarding and an enriching future.

Dr. G. Tulja Rani (Principal, MRPC)

After having launched Mangalyaan successfully in the orbit of Mars, Indian Scientists now dream about newer inventions and discoveries with great ingenious ideas and brains, I believe that we have great future for our nation. With this strong belief, we at MRPC have initiated a number of programs for the faculty and the students to get upgraded and updated with the technology so that we may work on par with the global standards. While involving students in greater academic persuits, we also encourage them to work in the areas of green technologies, innovations, social entrepreneurship and areas that make them all rounders. With these ideas, we believe in bringing out graduates who would be global citizens with human touch working towards a technologically advanced nation.